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To you, we may be just a fully functioning, bug-free app.

Meet the Nerds

In reality, we are coffee-fueled, deadline-obsessed creators. We are the people behind the brand. The nerds. A team of professionals that is more than the sum of its members. We bring to the table technical expertise combined with the soft skills your business needs to stand out.

Alexandru Beu

“I was curious about the way computers work since early age. After I broke my computers a number of times, I eventually learned how to put the piece back together. After all these years, the curiosity is still there: from strictly to loosely typed languages, I fell in love with all programming languages alike. They are essentially a tool that helps us communicate with devices, which I still find amazing.”

Daniel Schiau

Project Manager
“Being part of embedded world and then advancing to more high level systems like monolith solutions and then inevitably to microservice ecosystems, I like to believe that the magic is happening when these worlds collide.”

Daniela Ilie

Lead Developer and Scrum Rookie
“My first contact with programming was in high-school. I liked it because I felt like I can create things from nothing. I continue at university where I started creating small apps, with them trying to fix some problems I saw around me. For example mind games just to help people “train” their brain or making reading fun for kids with games after reading a book. The thing I liked the most was that at the end of university, the code I write can actually make a difference in the world around me. I like the idea of always learning something new and new ways of fixing problems.”

Mihai Radulescu

“Got a PC when a was 6.. the rest was just the natural learning process. I fixed and maintained computers and software from that point. Frameworks are like fashion, patterns are found in all frameworks. Best practices morphing into bad practices. Perspective shift on data structure changing from relational to object graphs based on the problem solved. Availability issues, micro services, computing performance, memory pressure and data integrity.. I`v dealt with the pain of achieving balance in software architecture for last 10 years….and i love it.”

Radu Buciuceanu

Lead Developer
“Programming – a simple word that gave me so much headache and so many sleepless nights. But also, what can be more beautiful than it? I’m passionate by this simple word since my 9th grade. I like it and I enjoy everything it gives to us. Starting from it’s foundation where we have to write low level code and to play with the memory hell, and ending with the high level where we can build an entire virtual world only by reusing the already existent frameworks and technologies. It is an amazing profession.”

Daniel Chicea

Grumpy Rookie
”Entering the programming field later in my carrier unveild me a new universe. Seeing businesses virtualized and automated with so low costs clearly fascinated me. Coding an entire business flow , and then scale it at a key stroke in console line… is and will be since i was a kid… fascinating… and motivating”

Miuta Mihai

“When I first laid my eyes upon a piece of code, to me it just looked like some arcane magic shrouded in a flimsy layer of logic, with a bit of math sprinkled on top. But as soon as I started studying programming, a new world was opened right before my eyes. A world in which everything is reduced to its simplest possible form, only to be then rebuilt and reshaped in a million different ways in order to provide something useful. And I’ve been loving this sometimes-capricious mistress ever since.”

Magda Morar

Manager Assistant
”Very organized, manages to support the entire team without much effort. She is a key member of the team, keeping everything under control”


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