Always ready for the next challenge, wired to find the best technical solutions for your business. You do the dreaming, we do the coding.



Coding practices matter for us, clean coding and clean architectures are the key factor when we implement a solution.

We love to work with:

  • .Net Core 3.0
  • Rails
  • Dry.rb
  • Nest.js
  • GraphQl/Rest
  • Kafka
  • Kubernetes/Helm

We love the following cloud provider:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Azure
  • Google cloud


It is one of the most complex services we craft, as it is the human interface of every project, so it has to psychologically mirror the users’ intentions. To stay fresh, we always propose facelifts and quality UX solutions. Interaction flows are designed to be flexible, code is designed to be reused, and the entire ecosystem is designed to be self-sustainable in the face of change.

We love to work with:

  • React.JS
  • React Native
  • Angular 2
  • Redux Observable
  • RxJs
  • ImuttableJS
  • YupJs
  • Nightwatch.Js


We are experts in structuring and organizing data efficiently and seamlessly. We always find the optimal solution for your projects, whether we need to save files in blobs, you need to save hierarchical data in a graph database, or you need an advanced data search best done through a search engine (Elastic Search). Leave the technical challenges to us.
We love to work with:

  • Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • Neo4j
  • Elastic Search
  • SOLR
  • Angola


With our partners from Escu-Robotics, we integrate in factories with our tech stack, we can control your PLC`s and create better interfaces of your factory. Industry 4.0 implementations using low costs.

We love to work with:

  • Siemens
  • B&R
  • Schneider


Always ready for the next challenge, wired to find the best technical solutions for your business. You do the dreaming, we do the coding.


Proficiently coding the safe boiler. Net Core 2.0 good knowledge of constructing endless layers API design (Rest | GraphQL)


Introspection is an art: Ruby on rails Dry.rb


Laravel framework is extreamly pleasent to work with.


Think that poetry is part of coding: Flask Django


Nothing seems more natural when you need to describe relations of your data nodes.


Familiar with querying databases and creating fast responses. Oh, boy, those execution plans are indeed a black magic voodoo skill).


NoSQL is great, when huge datasets need to be stored and retrieved fast. Great sharding of huge chunks of data.


Single responsibility principle of an API is what drives modular systems ahead.


Easy to implement automation flows of your machinery.


Elegant deployment of your services based on configuration.


Dynamic Proficiency in structuring dictionaries: Angular | React.js understanding of best practices and code cleanness.

Games Engine

Unity molecularity is absolutely amazing.


Easiest way to start a small server less architecture project.

Elastic Search

Indexing your data, using semantics. synonims and scoring customization.


AWS dynamo db is a great column family solution when you need high throughput of your data.


Azure is great if you need integration of your companies infrastructure with expanded services to your client.


We love to work with AWS cloud servives. From ec containers to, s3 storage and mediaconversions it has it all.


We cover WCF, WPF,, WEB API 2, .NET Core 3


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