Validate or fail fast

Before going wild and build the best application ever. Check that your users really need it.

Appointments, Chat, Document Management, RealTime, Service management

We built an MVP for a great ideea. Have an appointment management app for small dental offices.

What were our goals?

This was an MVP we had to test a product idea. Deliver fast and validate the product.

  1. Multiple integrations
  2. Mobile Cross platform code
  3. Quality of code had to be as much as have the system maintainable after initial release and till we rewrite the validated solution.


Keep budget low, spare some money for marketing. Validate the product and  keep the system up and running so, it can  sustain  a clean UI rewrite.  And rule number one, do it while migrate in smaller services.

Reuse the stack

When we started we wanted to merge our code in simple reusable stack. We chose angular for web and ionic for mobile. They both used the same angular practices

Start with monolith

We started with a monolith but we coded it in layers so we can easily reimplement that interface to call a new service instead of a database
We need to understand business.

Lets white-label our MVP

We had 2 business ideas of the same code base. Stomalink and BeautyLink.

Rethink and design

Now we are leading the new product guidelines. For the new and great product services map re-branded from the 2 white-labeled products coded. BeautyLink and Stomalink. They will merge and form OLink. A white-label  appointment platform.



Project Heros

These guys were under pressure, this one was not easy. Kudos

Ciprian Dragoe

Lead Developer
Making the world a better place through technology is a motto of mine. World at its nature has balance. for me bringing balance in the world trough technoloy is my main driver.

Daniel Schiau

Project Manager
“Being part of embedded world and then advancing to more high level systems like monolith solutions and then inevitably to microservice ecosystems, I like to believe that the magic is happening when these worlds collide.”

Mihai Radulescu

“Got a PC when a was 6.. the rest was just the natural learning process. I fixed and maintained computers and software from that point. Frameworks are like fashion, patterns are found in all frameworks. Best practices morphing into bad practices. Perspective shift on data structure changing from relational to object graphs based on the problem solved. Availability issues, micro services, computing performance, memory pressure and data integrity.. I`v dealt with the pain of achieving balance in software architecture for last 10 years….and i love it.”

Daniela Ilie

Lead Developer and Scrum Rookie
“My first contact with programming was in high-school. I liked it because I felt like I can create things from nothing. I continue at university where I started creating small apps, with them trying to fix some problems I saw around me. For example mind games just to help people “train” their brain or making reading fun for kids with games after reading a book. The thing I liked the most was that at the end of university, the code I write can actually make a difference in the world around me. I like the idea of always learning something new and new ways of fixing problems.”


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