Integrate industry hardware

Integrate industry hardware with low cost components like raspberry pie.

Self Service car wash

A complete automation solution for a self-service car wash. One of the best challenges of this project was streamlining the entire automation process in a reliable manner, to ensure its performance over time.

Entire process has to be automatic.

  1. Use NFC cards trigger wash modes and payment.
  2. Administrative interface to check reports and usage data.
  3. Present the user some visual status about their left time and remaining credit.


Integrate low cost devices to build a highly available system.
The panel has to be done using Raspberry devices and touchscreens. Create a management interface for employees.
Easy ping configuration for car wash modules.

Ui friendly

Started implementation on raspberry devices using windows embedded technology. Easy to migrate to other HMI interfaces

Backend for IoT

Build as system where each module can be easily plugged-in

Remote deployment with easy

Easy deployment for new firmware and configuration management of the entire station.


WPF .net

Project Heros

Kudos for Raspberry validation in real life situations.

Daniel Schiau

Project Manager
“Being part of embedded world and then advancing to more high level systems like monolith solutions and then inevitably to microservice ecosystems, I like to believe that the magic is happening when these worlds collide.”

Daniel Chicea

Grumpy Rookie
”Entering the programming field later in my carrier unveild me a new universe. Seeing businesses virtualized and automated with so low costs clearly fascinated me. Coding an entire business flow , and then scale it at a key stroke in console line… is and will be since i was a kid… fascinating… and motivating”

Daniela Ilie

Lead Developer and Scrum Rookie
“My first contact with programming was in high-school. I liked it because I felt like I can create things from nothing. I continue at university where I started creating small apps, with them trying to fix some problems I saw around me. For example mind games just to help people “train” their brain or making reading fun for kids with games after reading a book. The thing I liked the most was that at the end of university, the code I write can actually make a difference in the world around me. I like the idea of always learning something new and new ways of fixing problems.”


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