The zinc coating, when intact, prevents corrosive substances from reaching the underlying steel or iron.

Zinc coating automation

Flagav is a company whose activity specializes in surface treatments for metals. Leaders in their industry, they needed a full automation solution for their business.

Everyting is more heuristic when not enough data is available

  1. Build the basic moving parts functionality.
  2. Represent the system state in a human readable form.
  3. Flexibility for testing and coating prototyping.

PLC structures ready for complex queues.

Command any moving part a  and create a queue for those commands. Have them sorted by their interrupt priority and build on top of that. We made the entire mechanical structure move with our estimated queue.
Process improvement using low cost items.

Discovered process bottlenecks

By testing the pipe optimal process we could detect maximum throughput of production line

Product history

We provided a flexible process to load new product types. Easy product configuration and work start


The team was  a full skill set, from mechanics to electronics and software. Great stack covered and deliver under expected cost.



Project Heros

Nice integration from low level control to data representation. Kudos

Daniel Schiau

Project Manager
“Being part of embedded world and then advancing to more high level systems like monolith solutions and then inevitably to microservice ecosystems, I like to believe that the magic is happening when these worlds collide.”

Mihai Radulescu

“Got a PC when a was 6.. the rest was just the natural learning process. I fixed and maintained computers and software from that point. Frameworks are like fashion, patterns are found in all frameworks. Best practices morphing into bad practices. Perspective shift on data structure changing from relational to object graphs based on the problem solved. Availability issues, micro services, computing performance, memory pressure and data integrity.. I`v dealt with the pain of achieving balance in software architecture for last 10 years….and i love it.”


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