Focus on scaling

If you cannot scale fast, then you are not ready for success

CMS, Microservices, Media conversion

We ensured CMS and API solutions for Epix, a platform for content on demand, which works through digital, TV and app supported providers.

What were our goals?

All features or changes we do to the system need to align with these 3 main KPI`s

  1. Upgrade tech stack
  2. Prepare migration from monolith to micro-services
  3. Improve code quality


Maintain and improve editorial work while paving the road to migrate towards a micro service architecture and infrastructure


Outlining automation processes and coding them was a requirement from DevOps. We got it and we went further in helping them achieve this by making developers use the same deployment scripts (a single source of truth for deployment process).  Made Dev environment use the same helm chart as staging and production. One CLI to deploy your services in a  minikube instance, got the ramp-up and setup from 2 days to 4 minutes. Wow, this could be achieved by using docker-compose, but if you want to have all micro services running locally and make them talk as in prod you need to make a local cluster. It`s really great we loved it … and yes that CLI also has a –help feature.



Project Heros

These guys were swimming in Ruby, Python, Php, Javascript, K8s, Helm, Microservices, with grace. Kudos

Alexandru Beu

“I was curious about the way computers work since early age. After I broke my computers a number of times, I eventually learned how to put the piece back together. After all these years, the curiosity is still there: from strictly to loosely typed languages, I fell in love with all programming languages alike. They are essentially a tool that helps us communicate with devices, which I still find amazing.”

Radu Buciuceanu

Lead Developer
“Programming – a simple word that gave me so much headache and so many sleepless nights. But also, what can be more beautiful than it? I’m passionate by this simple word since my 9th grade. I like it and I enjoy everything it gives to us. Starting from it’s foundation where we have to write low level code and to play with the memory hell, and ending with the high level where we can build an entire virtual world only by reusing the already existent frameworks and technologies. It is an amazing profession.”

Mihai Radulescu

“Got a PC when a was 6.. the rest was just the natural learning process. I fixed and maintained computers and software from that point. Frameworks are like fashion, patterns are found in all frameworks. Best practices morphing into bad practices. Perspective shift on data structure changing from relational to object graphs based on the problem solved. Availability issues, micro services, computing performance, memory pressure and data integrity.. I`v dealt with the pain of achieving balance in software architecture for last 10 years….and i love it.”


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