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We build customized solutions, in a cost-efficient way, even if we talk about fast-interaction or complex business flows.

Time to Market

Having years of experience in software building, our time delivery is rocket fast - you'll be live in no time!

Quality of Code

Our experience demonstrates our code is flawless, written so we can build the future on top of it.


We like to work agile, no small talks, we focus on the main goal, clean communication - so we dont kill each other.


Our primary focus is to build a profitable architecture, so that your product is presented in the best possible way.

Any Idea

Build anything you want with us! We are prepared for anything, offering you customized solutions.

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1. Empathy

We know how it's like to turn ideas into successful projects and, especially, what it takes to get there.

2. Creativity

Our creativity and imagination will fit perfectly within the bounds of your project.

3. Objective Driven

During our work, we will constantly have the main objective in mind, who will stay the same, no matter how many details we have to change.

4. Minimalism

There could be many variations to a single project, but we preffer the minimalist style - although it's made with love.

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Market Specific Expertise

You'll be matched with programmers and project managers who understand the complexities of your vertical, including its regulatory environments and specific technology requirements.

Real Time Insights

We emphasize collaboration and transparency in all our projects. In addition to being available on-demand during your working hours, we'll provide you with daily reports and weekly status calls.


Amazing Portfolio


Meet Team

Mihai Radulescu

Software Engineer

”Imagine a universe and then draw it, code it, and run it... entropy going wild„

Alexandru Beu

Software Engineer

”A business model has multiple perspectives. Choosing the right one for the specific problem, in budget and in time is the art of software craftmanship„

Daniel Schiau

Software Engineer

”Having detail attention to low level systems, beeing part of embeeded development and then advancing to more high level systems like backend monoliths and then microservices, thought one thing. Performance and recover are crucial for an organic growing business„

Daniela Ilie

Software Developer

”Deliver fast and fix fast are things people thought me on previous carrier management feedback session is a bad practice. Our industry now has blog posts about this... bad practices today can be good practices tomorrow”

Magda Morar

Manager Assistant

”Very organized, manages to support the entire team without much effort. She is a key member of the team, keeping everything under control„

Ciprian Dragoe

Software Engineer

”Making the world a better place through technology is a motto of mine. World at its nature has balance. For me, bringing balance in the world trough technoloy is my main driver„

Daniel Chicea

Software Developer

”Entering the programming field later in my carrier unveild me a new universe. Seeing businesses virtualized and automated with so low costs clearly fascinated me. Coding an entire business flow , and then scale it at a key stroke in console line... is and will be since i was a kid... fascinating... and motivating„

Radu Buciuceanu

Software Developer

”Stuborn ... people say i`m stuborn but trust me ... coding clean and lucid will always always bring value. Not purist but i put some effort at least to please me before going home„

Matei Graura

Junior Software Developer

”Discovered programming and loved it`s simplicity. I consider my self a cleam thinker, fast tracker and minimalistic in implementation„


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